DataFed OGC Services

DataFed has implemented OGC services for providing access to datasets registered in the DataFed catalog and for visualizing datasets available through other OGC Servers. The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) works with government, private industry, and academia to create open and extensible software application programming interfaces for geographic information systems (GIS) and other geospatial technologies. Adopted specifications include the Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), and Web Coverage Service (WCS). DataFed is implementing OGC standards to foster interaction with other data producers, users, and mediators of spatial and temporal information. The following pages provide information how OGC specifications are implemented on DataFed and how to invoke them.

DataFed OGC Servers (how to access DataFed data using OGC interfaces)

DataFed WMS Server

DataFed WFS Server

DataFed WCS Server

A form-based user interface for building queries to DataFed through WMS, WFS, WCS, DataFed URL, and SOAP interfaces:


DataFed OGC Clients

DataFed WMS Client

DataFed WCS Client